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Why DataverseOS?

Why DataverseOS?

Signature matters

DataverseOS, along with other latest data networks are building with EIP-4361 (opens in a new tab) and EIP-5573 (opens in a new tab). These proposals are designed to standardize the way of user creating identities, authenticating with applications, and managing data resources. In this context, Sign-In with Ethereum signature is a complete proof of access rights to data resources. Therefore, it is important to keep the signature safe and secure. For if the signature is stolen, the attacker can access the data resources and do all the bad things. So we are building DataverseOS to take the duty of keeping everything safe and beyond the control of malicious applications.

How we ensure the security?

DataverseOS provides isolated data environments for each application. Each application has its own independent file system and a scope of which data resources it can access. This scope will be specified clearly when the user is signing in.

User data will first be encrypted before putting in the file system. In another word, the applications will never see the raw data for all user data are encrypted.

When an application is requesting access to a data resource, the user will be notified and asked for permission. Specifically, the application will request the user to sign a message and declare which data resources it is accessing within that message.

DataverseOS will check the scope(A) and the message(B) to ensure that B is a subset of A. If the request is valid, the application will be granted access to the data resource. Otherwise, the request will be rejected.

Summary: DataverseOS is able to protect data security by:

  • Isolating data environments for each application
  • Encrypting user data
  • Checking the scope of data access requests