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Init framework

Step 1: Init framework


Make sure you have all the requirements installed before you start.

In the terminal, run

pnpm install -g create-dataverse-app

We install the create-dataverse-app package globally to enable developers to initialize a dataverse app project and deploy it to DataverseOS.

After installation, use --help to see more features.

dataverseos --help

You get the following output

Usage: dataverseos [options] [command]
CLI for dataverse OS interaction
  -V, --version             output the version number
  -h, --help                display help for command
  init <project-directory>  Init dataverse project.
  deploy                    Deloy a dataverse project.
  update                    Update an exsiting dataverse project.
  keypair                   Generate private key pair.
  help [command]            display help for command

Initialize the dataverse project by running the command

dataverseos init <project_directory>

While initialising the project, you can choose whether to add the DWeb Toolkits to your project.

DWeb Toolkits are series of SDKs to ease the integration of DataverseOS and other Web3 protocols, automatically store data in Dataverse Cloud and simplify the development of applications.

👉 Add toolkits? [y/n]: y
🚧 Checking package version...
🚥 The latest version of create-dataverse-app is 1.x.x.
🚔 Validating app name...
🚎 Initing dataverse app...
🛟 Preparing...
To get started:
📦 cd demo
🔧 add your data models into ./models
🔧 configure your dapp in dataverse.config.ts
   dataverseos deploy
   pnpm install
   pnpm build
   pnpm dev