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This function will transform a off-chain file into on-chain asset. It will create an NFT collection for the file with each Collect NFT representing access right of limited numbers. Collect NFTs can be sold to others and only owners of Collect NFT can access the file. Use this function to empower users with the ability to earn from their data.


await dataverseConnector.runOS({
  method: SYSTEM_CALL.monetizeFile,
  params: {
    ...(indexFileId ? { indexFileId } : { streamId }),
    datatokenVars: {
      collectLimit: 100,
      amount: 0.0001,
      currency: Currency.WMATIC,


    streamId?: string;
    indexFileId?: string;
    datatokenVars: Omit<DatatokenVars, "streamId">;
    decryptionConditions?: DecryptionConditions;
  • OPTIONAL - streamId: string - stream id, pass in the stream id if you want to monetize a stream
  • OPTIONAL - indexFileId: string - index file id, pass in the indexfile id if you want to monetize a file
  • datatokenVars: Omit<DatatokenVars, "streamId"> - configure the datatoken
    • OPTIONAL - profileId: string - Lens profile on Mumbai testnet

      We provide multiple monetize solutions. If you don't pass a profileId, the transaction will go through our profileless solution(Dataverse Monetization Protocol on Mumbai). And we make it compatible with Lens Profile for those who already have lens profiles and prefer to own their monetized assets via Lens IDs.

    • collectLimit: number - the number of NFTs to be minted
    • amount: number - the price of each NFT
    • currency: Currency - NFTs can be bought in which token
    enum Currency {
        USDC = "USDC",
        DAI = "DAI",
        WETH = "WETH",
        WMATIC = "WMATIC"
  • OPTIONAL - decryptionConditions: DecryptionConditions - decryption conditions configured to make sure only when these conditions are met, an address can mint a Collect NFT


    streamContent?: StreamContent;

This function will ask users to send a transaction which deploys an NFT contract on Mumbai(Polygon testnet).


  "streamContent": {
    "file": {
      "indexFileId": "kjzl6kcym7w8y9xhm86pip8s7mtn33wgu16o4pvzv03azhyz4evdg2kqvojtcd9",
      "appVersion": "0.2.0",
      "contentId": "QmNLq5E8tnrwkWUBkNM9dQMkGhMtkSirApMP85zUhGTt8s",
      "contentType": "CID",
      "comment": {
        "mirrorName": "Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 00.13.00.png",
        "note": "",
        "tags": []
      "datatokenId": "0x6DE7Fa42092441c6cB048211eC1370EA653F7eD1",
      "fileType": 2,
      "encryptedSymmetricKey": "03ccce5e32184f9deaed7ea796978fbf18c1dacfc52cb2187ac61921e5f8b4de14eea236989b31be9b4b326c6d22760a62e8afb4b348f6a356ed37926563852da9bd51c6904a474fec68dd237224b8b5dba7029b018d016b96f12a7b1b6202a4541142910a1fff130f47cd1ce7b437f11dff209e70ad1b9c9012f366a92ba7ec00000000000000201523af2fb430d6cd85d2cf3458226a85aaa31fc35037bf382b523c090ad3bf3be2ae4f78a993f38fa0f9e4e185ec8e8b",
      "decryptionConditions": [
      "decryptionConditionsType": "UnifiedAccessControlCondition",
      "createdAt": "2023-06-09T10:45:11.869Z",
      "updatedAt": "2023-06-09T10:46:27.154Z"