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DApp store

Production of data

Applications are the source of data.

Every day, people generate large amounts of data through their online activities. This data falls into two main categories:

  • Content - Includes anything users actively create and share, such as social media posts, photos, videos, and documents.

  • Activity Logs - Includes records of users' interactions and behaviors within applications, such as search queries, clicks, views, purchases, and more.

Both types of data originate from people utilizing various online services and applications. The internet is not just a massive file storage system. Rather, it primarily provides access to diverse apps and services that facilitate different aspects of digital life.

These applications effectively serve as interfaces to collect and structure users' data. So most personal data on the internet is generated as a byproduct of users interacting with apps, as opposed to being manually uploaded.

DataverseOS empowers various dapps to provide users with a seamless & rich web3.0 experience.


Applications built over DApp Store conform to the same set of data schemas (defined as Files in DataverseOS). This means different apps' data objects are fully composable & interoperable which eases development and enriches user experiences.

For example: A social app (Web3 version of Twitter) defines a User Profile object containing followers, following, bio, etc. A new dating app can reference the User Profile and expand it with extra attributes like age and location. This allows inheriting relevant user data from dTwitter while customizing for the dating app's specific needs. dReadwise(Web3 version of Readwise) is a bookmarking app and Arazzo is for taking notes. With the shared data schema, Arazzo can let users reference their highlighted snippets from dRaindrop when creating notes in Arazzo.

The unified data schemas allow applications to interoperate and build on each other's data. Users benefit from apps being able to automatically pull and connect relevant pieces of their cross-app data together. This creates more seamless experiences without repetitive data entry.

Ecosystem apps

We have been expanding first-party applications to provide users with essential system functionalities. For instance, Playground (opens in a new tab) is our official social application as a demonstration of decentralized prototype of Twitter, enabling users to view, manage, and monetize their cross-application data.

We also provide developers with SDKs and other tools to assist them in developing various applications on the OS, empowering data privacy and user sovereignty.

A worldwide developer community is building dapps on DataverseOS. The OS aggregates these high-quality applications in one place providing a seamless quick experience for users. These applications span across various domains, including decentralized social networking, creator tools, personalized user profiles, news and information, and more.

There has already been a bunch of applications in the dapp store, including:


Decentralized social platform, Web3 version of Twitter


Note-taking tool built for open and interactive block reference


Note-taking tools. Web3 version of Medium


Efficient way to curate and discover


A self-generated social metaverse driven by on-chain behavior and real-world data


A decentralized file storage to recreate your those moments in your memories


Create a safe cyberplace for one using DID


Future of E-commerce: Connect, Engage, and Transact


A cloudverse where users can store their files, write notes and books and create blogs


Connect with all the loved ones in the Web3 space


A decentralized files storing app specially to be used by judges and lawyers


A content monetization platform designed to help creators better price their content and earn max out of it.


A multiplayer game on EVM via DataverseOS and Tableland which supports real time battles and chat as community.


It uses DataverseOS and AI to record and analysis users' dreams


GenHub uses AI to generate real-people-like characters with prompt generation using DALL-E

Krypton Wallet

A smart contract wallet, meticulously designed to incorporate both guardian assistance and comprehensive 2-factor authentication support.

🚀 Welcome to try our SDK and list your application on our DApp store!