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DWeb Toolkits

DWeb Toolkits

Here, you'll find all the information you need to seamlessly integrate DataverseOS with various Web3 protocols using our external DWeb toolkits (opens in a new tab).


The purpose of these DWeb toolkits is threefold:

  • Ease of Development: Our DWeb toolkits allow developers to easily integrate DataverseOS with a range of Web3 protocols. This streamlines the development process, enabling you to focus on creating innovative decentralized applications without the complexities of direct protocol integration.

  • Encrypted File System Integration: All interactions and creations made using our DWeb toolkits are stored securely in DataverseOS's built-in encrypted file system. This means you can confidently manage and safeguard user data while maintaining privacy and security.

  • Standardized Metadata Layer: Each protocol in the toolkit defines its own file format, which contributes to our vision of creating a standard metadata layer for all protocols within DataverseOS. This simplifies data management, promotes interoperability, and enriches the overall DWeb experience.

Currently, we offer the following DWeb toolkits ready for use:

Livepeer Toolkit:

Integrate with the Livepeer protocol for decentralized video streaming, adding a new dimension to your applications.

Push Toolkit:

Enable secure and private communication with the Push protocol, enhancing user interactions within your decentralized apps.

XMTP Toolkit:

Seamlessly integrate with the XMTP protocol for confidential messaging, ensuring sensitive communications remain private.

Lens Toolkit:

Leverage the Lens protocol to create decentralized social platforms, fostering meaningful connections while respecting user privacy.

Snapshot Toolkit:

Integrate the Snapshot protocol to enable decentralized governance mechanisms in your applications, promoting community-driven decision-making.

Tableland Toolkit:

Collaborate with the Tableland protocol for decentralized data collaboration, allowing users to share and work on data collaboratively.

Getting Started

For detailed instructions on how to integrate each toolkit with your application, refer to the respective toolkit's documentation linked below:

Let's build the DWeb together! 🌐🚀