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This section lists some frequently asked questions and the answers to them.

Dataverse Wallet

Why must Dataverse Wallet manage capabilities?

(Instead of returning capabilities to applications and let applications use to access data resources directly)

To ensure the atomicity of operations. We build Dataverse Wallet to assume control of a series of operations like creating data streams, adding access control modules, monetizing into on-chain assets and so on. If we return capabilities to applications, we cannot ensure the atomicity of these operations. For the following situations may occur:

  • The cross domain data sharing standard fails, can not create data streams or bind to the right folder/files.
  • Data streams won't be protected by the application permission scope mechanism, data may be leaked or stolen.
  • Wrong/invalid access control conditions may be assigned to data, causing failure of data monetization.


Encounter problems using our SDK in nextjs?

You can use Dataverse Connector SDK in nextjs, but note that the SDK needs to communicate with the browser extension Dataverse Wallet, so it can NOT work in nextjs server side rendering mode. It works fine in client components.