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Wallet Adaptor

Wallet Adaptor

In the context of decentralized applications, a wallet adaptor allows you to connect your dApp with various wallet providers, enabling secure interactions with blockchain networks. In this section, we'll focus on integrating Dataverse Wallet as a wallet provider using wagmi.


wagmi (opens in a new tab) is a JavaScript library that simplifies interactions with Ethereum wallets and providers. It offers React hooks and components for easy integration with your dApp.


Before we start, please make sure you have run your dataverse-connector demo from here (opens in a new tab)

It will look like this

Click on go to wagmi demo page. It will take you to "http://localhost:5173/wagmi".

Click on the Connect Wallet And Capability. It will open the Dataverse Wallet extension Options page from which you can select the wallet of your choice (MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase, Particle). After connecting your wallet, you can use the react hooks provided by wagmi such as useBalance, useEnsName, etc.

For video refer here