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Create Dataverse App

Create dataverse application

create-dataverse-app is a framework to help you create a dataverse app, register it to the dapp table and define the data models you want to use in your app. We also provide a React demo(/src/App.tsx) and React Hooks(/src/hooks/) SDK within this framework as an example to show how to build a web3 social app upon DataverseOS. You can use this demo as a reference to build your own app.


Meanwhile, If you want to use other frameworks like next.js or vue.js, you can use this tool to deploy your customized data models and create your app first and then get the model ids. After that you can install dataverse-connector in your project and use the data models you defined in models folder and the stream_id of each model to access the data resources and pass in the app name in functions like createCapability and checkCapability.